“I have a box I like to play, I think I will trick Pig today!”

A Pig, A Fox, and a Box 23398624

Written/Illustrated By: Jonathan Fenske

Genre: Fiction/Humor

Published: Penguin Young Readers – United Kingdom, June 16th, 2015

Awards: Theodoor Seuss Geisel Honor Book – 2016

Themes: Through a fun, easy to read short story, the various themes that come from the Level 2 Reader are humor, trickery, and friendship.

Summary: With a feisty and sneaky Fox and a cardboard box – Fox looks to play many tricks on his friend Pig. Little does Fox know that his tricks will backfire and his original purpose for the box is not what Fox intended at all! Pig, however gets a good laugh.

Response: Describe the artwork in terms of style and media. What elements of the illustrations appealed to you? What is the primary medium (collage, drawings, photographs, etc.) used in the illustrations? How were illustrations used to tell the story?

The artwork in this short book, are very appealing to the young reader! Drawn in a comic book style it flows nicely from page to page. The different panels allow for the reading to view the story from the Pig and Fox’s point of view and are able to engage in their banter, as well as see Fox’s tricks inevitably fail. The pictures provide all the humor to the story, and are simple in detail but provide all of the laughter for the reader.


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