“Our love will be loud.”


Thunder Boy Jr.

Written By: Sherman Alexie

Illustrated By:  Yuyi Morales

Genre: Fiction

Published: Hatchette Book Group – New York, NY, May 10th, 2016

Awards: Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Picture Books – 2016, Charlotte Zolotow Award Honor – 2017, Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Honor for Picture Book – 2016

Themes: Although a short picture book this children’s story depicts the theme of identity and individuality.

Summary: Thunder Boy Jr. shares his name with his father. Something Thunder Boy Jr does not like at all. His father has his own name, his mother and sister do too – Why can he not have a name of his own? Will he get a new name? The answer to that is only known by his father.

Response: How might you use this book in the social studies, science, or mathematics curriculum? Write about a specific activity you might do that relates to the content of this book.

This children’s book depict a Native American family – a true diversity in children literature. I would incorporate this into a socail studies class, and focus on the Native American culture. The aspect of powwow danes and the origin/reasoning for unique names is mentioned and I would want students to be able to research these aspects, along with others of the Native American society. I feel this book is a very engaging story that begins to open the eyes for students to different cultures and societies that exist in the world today.


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