“I feel and think…in drums.”

28114562I am Drums

Written By: Mark Grosso

Genre: Fiction (Book for Boys)

Published: Charion Books – New York, NY, September 22nd, 205

Awards: No notable awards at this time.

Themes: Through an engaging and heartfelt story of a middle-school student trying to play the drums themes emerge through this young readers chapter book. Themes that occur are: divorce, perseverance, commitment, and belief in ones self.

Summary: Sam is in middle school. Sam is in the band and plays the drums. Sam is also a girl. This intriguing story covers the life of Sam and the struggles that occur all because she wants to play the drums. Sam does not have many friends, has parents that continually fight, is sneaking around and taking drum lesson from the guy down the street, could have been suspended from school, and is stealing a lawnmower to pay for lesson and compete in a recital. All is going well…until Sam’s dad finds out. Then, all things fall apart and Sam is wishing for someone to save the day.

Response: What values were conveyed through this book? How were these values or social views conveyed to the reader? 

Although not explicitly stated, the value of hard work, dedication, and commitment were shown and demonstrated in the text. As many older individuals think that these values are not portrayed in society, and younger individuals do not possess these qualities – I think it is rather uplifting that this book for young readers address all that much of society deems “forgotten.” In terms of the reader, it is portrayed in Sam’s determination and work ethic to obtain something that she loves – drum lessons. She works relentlessly practicing, mowing lawns, attempting to please her parents, and saving money. She works and works for something that she wants to do, and something that she is passionate about – a skill and mindset that any reader can pick up on as they progress through the text.


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