“…but do I really care what anyone else thinks.”



Written By/Illustrated By: Raina Telgemeier

Genre: Graphic Novel/Autobiography

Published: Scholastics/Graphix – New York, NY, July 12th, 2009

Awards: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award – 2012, Iowa Children’s Choice Award – 2012, Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for Best Publication for Teens – 2011, Goodreads Choice Award Nominee – 2010, Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Honor for Nonfiction – 2010

Themes: This graphic novel accurately and and in a very comical way depicts growing up in the ever-present “awkward middle school/high school” years. The themes that are portrayed in this novel are: growing up, identity, and learning to except yourself.

Summary: As Raina is racing her friends to her house one night after girl scouts, she trips and she falls – but when she gets up everything that she fell down with is no longer with her. Oh my! Her two front teeth are missing. This incident begins the middle school and high school journey of Raina (and her two missing teeth). This graphic/comic book style novel tells us the story of Raina as she grows up and all that she experiences. From having braces, – multiple times – an earthquake, mouth surgeries, boys, and finding a new friend group Raina goes through it all as she finally begins to realize what is important.

Response: Respond to the design and layout of the book. What do you think of the cover design, size of the book, font, spacing, and visual elements?

The text is written as a graphic novel, and to me, made the book what it is. Through the comical details of the pictures, coupled with the short and interactive text the story is extremely enjoyable and entertaining given the layout of the book. It flows incredibly well and you simply do not want to but the book down! Overall, the visual elements are very appealing to the eye and the design is easy to follow and read.


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