“Tears are for happiness…”

I Lived on Butterfly Hill

i-lived-on-butterfly-hill-9781416994022_hrWritten By: Marjorie Agosìn

Illustrated By: Lee White

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published: Atheneum Books for Young Readers – New York, NY,  March 4th, 2014

Awards: Pura Belpre Award – 2015

Themes: As a war emerges in Chile much uncertainty arises for its people. Through out the novel the author writes of themes of hope, human rights, equality, friendship/family, and the role of politics in society.

Summary: A revolution is occurring in Chile, the home of Celeste Marconi. Within this revolution her family is torn apart as she goes to the US and her parents go into hiding. She leaves all she knows – her language, city, family, and way of life – not knowing when and if she will return. She goes to the US uncertain and scared also not knowing the damage being done to her country and parents.

Respnose: What factual information did you learn? Did anything surprise you? How do you know if this information is accurate? (information books, biography, some historical fiction).

Well, initially, I never knew (or could not remember) that Chile actually went through a period of being ruled under a dictatorship – where many of the authors descriptions of events actually occurred. There were book burnings, kidnappings, curfews, unbelievable rules, and how people went into hiding and were exiled. I took to the internet to find that much of the information was true from the story. However, what surprised me was that the dictatorship lasted far more than a handful pf years – but 17. For over a decade the Chilean people were sentenced to live a life of rules, beatings, anxiety, and living in constant fear. All in all, I was very surprised of the “realness” that the author depicted.


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