“Everything, and everyone, is Interconnected.”


We Are All Made of Molecules

By: Susin Nielsen

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Published: Wendy Lamb Books- New York, Ny, May 12th, 2015

Awards: Snow Willow Award Nominee, Shelia A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize Nominee

Theme: In today’s society we all should embrace the aspect of diversity within families. This story embraces just that. As the theme of this book is diverse families and learning how to grow, learn, and love a non-traditional blended family.

Summary: As Stewart, his cat, and dad move in with Ashley’s and her mom they had no idea that Ashley’s dad and boyfriend would be living in the back yard. As well, Stewart and Ashley never knew how much they disliked this move or each other. They both battle themselves, their parents, the cat, and the many obstacles of middle school and all of the secretes that each of them keep.

Response: What is the theme of the book or a poem within a collection? Do you think this is a worthwhile theme for elementary children? Explain.

Although elementary school children would not be able to read this independently, they would greatly benefit from listening or being read to this book/sections of it. Blended families are an extremely relevant aspect in todays societies, as well as divorce and co-parenting. Being that the entire theme of this book evolves around this central theme, and learning how to cope, adjust, and understand the other perspectives of people in your life – I feel that this is extremely relevant to read to elementary school kids to share in their own, very probable, lives and to teach acceptance of other peers lifestyles.


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