“You are……”

You are (Not) Small91hafs5l57l

Written By: Anna Kang

Illustrated By: Christopher Weyant

Genre: Fiction

Published: Two Lions Publishing – Allentown, PA, August 5th, 2014

Awards: Theodore Seuss Geisel Winner – 2015

Theme: As this short, cute, and funny book targets developing readers the theme that can be taken from this book is perspective. As the story has different fuzzy characters they all have different perspectives about the other – classifying and characterizing them differently then the way they personally feel. Simply, it is all about perspective.

Summary: Are you small or big? Are you not small? Are you not big? This short story goes through two fuzzy characters debate on who is big and who is small. As they can not come to an agreement – a surprising twist of characters show up and help them settle their differences.

Response: What is the theme of the book or a poem within a collection? Do you think this is a worthwhile theme for elementary children? Explain.

Although this book is very short, and the text is quite repetitive – this book takes on the theme of perspective in a very appealing and friendly way to young readers. Everyone may see the same thing – a person, an activity, a sport etc. but experience it in a completely different way. This short story takes that on as the perspective of the characters differ in how they see themselves in relation to how someone else sees them. I feel this is a valuable lesson to teach children about honoring those different perspectives and viewpoints that others may have about something and respecting them: a valuable lesson to learn even at a young age.


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