61596besl6l-_sx258_bo1204203200_Author/Illustrator: Aaron Decker

Genre: Fiction – Wordless Picture Book

Published: Candlewick Press – Sommerville, MA, August 6th, 2013

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book – 2014

Themes: The themes expressed in this wordless picture book, are some that we should re- instill into the children of todays technology craze. This book captivates and dances with the themes of imagination and creativity of your own journey.

Summary:  As boredom strikes a young girl, and not a sole will play with her, even with her desperate attempts – she creates her own world through a special piece of red chalk. As we follow the story we follow this young girl as she travels through different worlds and times, meeting friends and foes, we experience an alternate reality made through imagination and creativity.

Response: What was the main problem that the main character faces? How is this problem similar to a problem that most children have faced before? In what way could elementary children relate to this character?

The main problem for the character in the book is boredom, something that we all have experienced – especially when we were children. Regardless of the toys, technology, and the endless amounts of possibilities outside kids still become bored, and find that they “have nothing to do.” In this book, this young girl experiences the same boredom that all children have faced, but unlike many she finds an avenue through her boredom – imagination and creativity. When young readers read this book, I feel that they can make an instant connection with the same state of mind the young girl goes through, but also use it as an avenue to step away from the technology and solve their problems of boredom through imagination and creativity – realizing that it too solves the issues of boredom far better than a phone or video game.


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