“Oh Mr. Wuffles!”

Mr. Wuffles

By: David Wiesner

Genre: Fiction – Wordless Picture Book, Graphic Novel 611jb41hsel-_sx258_bo1204203200_

Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Boston MA, October 1st, 2013

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book – 2014

Themes: Although this book captures  I fairly peculiar point of view – that of Mr. Wuffles the cat and aliens – I feel the theme that is expressed in this story is learning to deal with the completely unexpected.

Summary: The wordless picture books dives into two evil foes – a cat and aliens. The aliens are trapped in their spaceship and have been taken hostage by Mr.Wuffles as his new favorite toy. As the story progresses the aliens become increasingly alarmed, and Mr. Wuffles becomes increasingly confused by this “toy” and its inhabitance and movement.

Response: Describe the artwork in terms of style and media. What elements of the illustrations appealed to you? What is the primary medium (collage, drawings, photographs, etc.) used in the illustrations? How were illustrations used to tell the story?

The work is written in a graphic novel form. Completed with drawings that tell the plot in a story board form. The illustrations are the entire essence of the story, and each frame has exquisite detail and pays great attention to depicting the characters emotions and feelings. As well, the illustrations depict the mood, moves, and tendency of a cat perfectly. The cat’s toy – which is actually aliens – are drawn with phenomenal expressions as they try to escape Mr. Wuffles’ wrath. Although the story does have a very unrealistic component, aliens, the amount of color and setting detail also makes the illustrations very relatable to a reader.


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