“So the Wolf huffed, and he puffed, and he blew the house…”


The Three Pigs By: David Wiesner

Genre: Postmodern – Picture-book

Published: Clarin Books – New York, NY, April 23rd, 2001

Awards: Caldecott Winner – 2002

Themes: Although we are all accustomed to The Three Little Pigs this adaption of the story embraces a new perspective into the story. I feel that one of the central themes is learning how to look for an alternate solution to ones problem.

Summary: As three pigs have their usual struggle with the huffing and puffing wolf, the pigs act in a strategic and thoughtful way to avoid his wrath. The three pigs figure out a way to put an end to this furosiuoes wolf, and finally put him in his place. Te three pigs, seemingly “skip town” in their own creative and eventide adventure.

Response: What was the main problem that the main character faces? How is this problem similar to a problem that most children have faced before? In what way could elementary children relate to this character?

Although this is a different take to the usually known nursery rhyme, the premise of the story still covers the same horrible situation that the pigs face. When reading this book, I feel as if the wolf mirrors a bully – the wolf consistently targets the pigs and tries to ruin their homes and lives. However, in this story the pigs fins an alternate route to ridding away the wolfs desires, but simply leaving their story. For many elementary school children, they face bullying by at least one person within their class, sports team, or find group. In relation to this book, the pigs finally find a different solution and perspective to take to rid away the bully – something that all children, if being bullied, should try to do. All in all, when this topic is addressed with the story children can easily relate – even children at a very young age.


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