“The cat walked through the world…”

They All Saw A Cat

Written By: Brendan Wenzel7b35b1307e-2288-41b2-8dbd-e8c94d1724fa7dimg400

Genre: Fiction

Published: Chronicle Books LLC – San Francisco, CA, August 30th, 2016

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book – 2017

Themes and Topics: As a cat walks through the world with its whiskers, ears, and paws the reader is immediately captivated by the themes and topics of differences in perspective and adventure.

Summary: A curious cat walks through the world – walking, walking, and walking. On the cat’s journey, the cat encounters many different animals along the way. Through the pictures you can see how even though it is the same cat walking and walking, EVERYONE sees the cat incredibly different – even the cat itself!

Response: What is the theme of the book or a poem within a collection? Do you think this is a worthwhile theme for elementary children? Explain.

The major theme of this short story is different perspectives. Everyone in the book and even in life take on different perspectives about people, events, and places among other things. As the story begins, the reader sees that cat from their own perspective and from a c holds prospect, and the cat look like in ordinary cat. However, as try story progresses and the cat continues on its walk many other animals see the cat. From a blurred cat outline, a black and what physique, to a ravenous killer the cat is viewed in many different perspective from those it encounters. I think this book is an exceptional book to bring to light for young children. Through a cat, a teacher can teach on the differences that everyone has about anything and everything, and ultimately how to respect those differences as they all walk through life. Each child can learn to value other view points and perspectives through a beautifully illustrated book about a cat.


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