Flora and the Peacocks

Flora and the Peacocks

Written and Illustrated by: Molly Idle
51kq8p0y-yl-_sx258_bo1204203200_Genre: Wordless Picture Book

Published: Chronicle Books LLC – San Fransisco, CA, May 3rd, 2016

Awards: None currently, but Molly Idle is also the  author and illustrated of the Caldecott Honor Books, Flora and the Flamingo and Flora and the Penguin. 

Themes and Topics: Although there are no words, this books takes us tackling the topic of friendship, and how to combat two friendships at the same time with their jealousy, emotions, and wants dislike for each other.

Summary: As Flora meets not one, but two peacocks she try to befriend both of them. However, the peacocks have no desire to share their attention from Flora. Through their actions, facial expressions, and emotions they fight for Flora. Eventually, this consistent jealousy leads to both of them loosing her, but compromise in the end seems to benefit all three of them.

Response: Respond to the design and layout of the book. What do you think of the cover design, size of the book, font, spacing, and visual elements?

The layout of the book was tastefully put together in way that captivates any reader. Without words I was a bit skeptical in the beginning – believing that I would not understand the premise of the story. However, the over all layout – one that focuses on elegant, yet simplistic designs helps to tell the story. Idle does a fantastic job pointing the reader to the focus points of the pictures using a white background for every pictures. As well, the incorporation of flaps, pullouts, and interaction with the book completely elevate the experience that the reader has with the book. The visual elements are superb and make up for any doubt I initially had about the lack of words.


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