Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans

Written and Illustrated By: Don Brown

51qqgvz8awl-_sx321_bo1204203200_Genre: Non-Fiction – Informative, Graphic Novel

Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Boston MA, August 4th, 2015

Awards: Robert F. Sibert Informational Honor Book – 2016

Themes and Topics: Although this story is non-fiction, it captures many themes. The themes in this work include: resilience, tragedy, and devastation.

Summary: As a 400-mile wide storm hits the town of New Orleans, the town is submerged under water. For the people that were not able to evacuate their lives hang in the balance. They retreat to swimming in the 20-ft water-filled streets, sitting on roofs of homes, and taking refuge in the Superdome. Many do not make it through this week of tragedy, and for the ones who are determined to survive – help is no where in sight.

ResponseWhat factual information did you learn? Did anything surprise you? How do you know if this information is accurate? (information books, biography, some historical fiction).

As many of us are aware that hurricane Katrina occurred, not many know the extremely devastating details of the events. For me, I was not aware of how the governments, on the federal, state, and city levels did not help the thousands of victims that were stranded due to their own communication issues. As well, I was not aware of the horrid conditions that people, who fought to stay alive, had to suffer through – no food, water, or supplies. Not to mention, I had no idea the amount of violence and looting that occurred, even from police officials. I was surprised by most of the content in the film, the minimal efforts made by George W. Bush and the environmental consequences that occurred because of the flooding. At the end of the book, Don Brown includes a five page bibliography and references list. As I further researched, Brown diligently sought to find the truth of the story. He found direct quotes from people and even exact numbers for flood waters, deaths, and people requested by outside forces.


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